Lori Lovecraft Omnibus

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You can order the official Lori poster, a brand new, full color, 28 page Lori comic book, the 348 page Lori Lovecraft black and white omnibus special edition (signed by Mike Vosburg and Pete Ventrella), or even pickup one of the pages of original artwork that will be available.

*Material at this site is for a mature audience and you must be 18 to order/buy anything*

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The LORI LOVECRAFT OMNIBUS is 348 pages, black and white, featuring all of the Lori stories produced over the past 25 years and may of the Linda Lovecraft stories from Star*Reach. Plus there are lots of pinups and special features, including a brand new Lori tales done especially for the Omnibus, and a never before seen penciled Linda story.  This 25th Anniversary edition, personally signed by creators Pete Ventrella and Mike Vosburg, will be limited to only 200 copies. Order yours now.

LORI LOVECRAFT OMNIBUS   $24.   Media Mail $6.  

Lori Lovecraft Omnibus (Media Mail)


Lori Lovecraft “Dark Inheritance” is a faux “adaptation” of one of the many cheesy movies that Lori made in her short career in Hollywood. It is the first full color comic featuring Lori and has a special pinup section with several full color illustrations. 28 pages. Copies are limited so order now.

DARK INHERITANCE COMIC $6.   Media Mail $6.   

Dark Inheritance (Media Mail)